KinoEaters SELECT

KinoEaters PLUS is programme of support of creating and production of independent media productions (films, games, intermedia) in international co-productions in Lublin – IDEA.

Program is designed for creators (directors, scriptwriters, DOP, coders…) who are representing project in form of documentation, and later act for this productions as producer, and described later also as an author.

Applying for Programme

It’s possible to apply TWO media projects (film, game, intermedia). There will be selected, ONE for person, maximum 8 projects during first selection, and narrowed to 4-6 for production.

Candidate must apply by sending 2 separate attachments on between February 6 and 20, 2018:

1. Author info and project description (in English), including:
a) short info about author, including filmography and other art achievements, and links to example works,
b) short film description (working title, logline, tagline, treatment), possible sending additional working version of script in English or Polish (as a separate document),
c) short text describing idea of film (explication),
d) short text describing vision of realization in visual context (with for example titles of similar looking films), possible additional edit as a link in text or sending separate file (mood-board or mood-reel).

2. Pre-production agreement, as a resend document – LINK:
a) copyrights for projects,
b) financial and production (applicants should also indicate other financial or production partners of this project),
c) participants must be ready to take place in 3 meetings in Lublin:
SETUP – March 23-30 – script development and pre-production, on the end of meeting number of projects will be narrowed to 4-6,
FOCUS – main shooting days,
FESTIVAL – representing film by one of authors for special screening during Lublin Film Festival.

Projects selection criteria:
– quality of description of project,
director’s previous projects,
availability to complete project,
potential impact of project,
– extra factor – including in project one or more motives: freedom, 100 years: independence of Poland, Catholic University of Lublin, 700 years of Chapel of the Holy Trinity in Lublin.

PLUS 2018