KinoEaters PLUS – Idea

KinoEaters PLUS is programme of support of creating and production of SELECTED independent media productions (films, games, intermedia) in international co-productions in Lublin – IDEA.

Program is designed for creators (directors, scriptwriters, DOP, coders) who are representing project in form of documentation, and later act for this productions as producer, and described later also as an author.

Programme is focus on providing best environment for films realization, in the way of:

1. Supporting production (equipment, post production, logistics, management), best available for selected films.
2. Accessibility to Programme for all interested, inside and outside of Kino movement (selected film-makers will have to join (association), to get Programme support).
3. Care for quality of projects (project selection criteria – script quality, director’s previous projects, availability to complete project, potential impact of film + extra factor – details – SELECT). Responsibility for selection of films will be held by Programme Council, headed by its art director.
4. Director will stay owner of project with full copyrights, KinoEaters will be one of producers. Cooperation will be based on simplified agreements.
5. Support for promotion and distribution of film produced within Programme.

Participants must be ready to take place in 3 meetings in Lublin:
SETUP – script development and pre-production, on the end of meeting number of projects will be narrowed to 4-6,
FOCUS – main shooting days,
FESTIVAL – representing film by one of authors for special screening during Lublin Film Festival.

KinoEaters PLUS offer

KinoEaters PLUS Programme is possible with support of Lublin Film Festival organized by Kinoteatr Projekt in Centre for Culture in Lublin, and in cooperation with Lublin Film Found and media production field of study in Marie Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin.

Value of production support of our Programme, for one film, may be estimated for 2500 EUR. Support will be customized for the project needs.

In details KinoEaters PLUS Programme is:
– eventual additional basic film and sound equipment (for 3 days),
– basic electric accessories,
– help in post-production,
– help in finding costumes, props and locations,
– help in starting crowdfunding campaign (for project needs),
– help in script development and adjusting,
– casting organisation,
– production help (documentation),
– accommodation for creators (max 2 people) during script and pre-production meeting (7 days – KinoEaters SETUP) and for team (max 6 people for next 10 days – KinoEaters FOCUS, with 2-3 night weekend break with no hotel, but it may change),
– basic transportation,
– providing rooms for meetings, rehearsals and eventual shooting,
– organising technical and test screenings,
– organising of premiere screening, with promotion, as a special screening during Lublin Film Festival,
– support in promotion, publishing, distribution and festivals submitting,
– help in building team, inside Kino community and in Lublin,
– basic making-off and interviews about film (example –

PLUS 2018